Welcome to BeginPad.com!!

BeginPad emerged from the need for a consistent bookmark/favorites utility but quickly grew into something much, much more.

With the addition of folders and widgets BeginPad now serves as a platform for many useful web utilities.

When you sign up your page includes 60 entries. Each entry can be made into a link and folder (with an additional 60 entries) or a widget (a web page that will open up inside a smaller bubble/pad). By using folders you can expand the number of links and widgets to 3,600. By using widgets you can pull in useful, yet smaller pages directly into your BeginPad page. Mobile pages that will open as HTML are perfect for widgets

By including your affiliate id on links your BeginPad page can be a useful tool in affiliate marketing.

By adding interesting links to folders and moving the most recent folder to the top and setting it to auto-open, you can create your own link site with the best articles and sites you've found that day.

Join now and discover the possibilites!!