started as my own personal link page. It contained links to the sites I visited most, plus sites on our family intranet. I had wanted an easier way to add, remove and move the links, so using Yahoo's wonderful User Interface scripts as well as the HighSlide popup windows I made a tool that was much easier to manage.

So why shouldn't everyone else enjoy it.

But in the process of preparing it for multiple users I was also working as the affiliate manager for a national magazine. It occurred to me that would provide a very useful tool for those wanting to make money through affiliate marketing, but lacked the skills to create an entire web site. After all you simply need a place to put your links leading to the products and service you have become an affiliate for, then promote the link page.

As I built it I added other ideas like folders and widgets and even more uses emerged.

Hopefully you'll get as much out of it as I have. Explore all the possibilities and have fun!